Curator Paula L Ellman

PaulaPaula L. Ellman, PhD, ABPP, FIPA, is a training and supervising analyst in the Contemporary Freudian Society (CFS) and the IPA. She is the institute director of the Washington Program of the Contemporary Freudian Society, in addition to being on the permanent faculty. She is a diplomate in psychoanalysis certified by the American Board of Psychoanalysis in Psychology (ABPsaP) and assistant clinical professor of psychology at The George Washington University Center for Professional Psychology. She has held the following positions: Chair, Central Concepts Psychotherapy Training Program, Washington School of Psychiatry, Washington, DC; Member-at-large, Board of Directors of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies of the IPA (CIPS). She has written and presented in the areas of femininity and female psychology, listening, enactment, terror, and sadomasochism. She has a private practice in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in North Bethesda, Maryland and Washington, DC.