Space and Time: a story of transformation

Dream Space: A story of transformation


Nancy R. Goodman, Ph.D.


For some women there has been too much of mother impinging on a sense of time and space. There exists in the unconscious an array of fantasies involving a stopped clock. I find images about space to be psychic expressions about distance between people, about female genital/procreative space, and internal psychic space.


T+S_clockIn her analysis Ms. C. created many spatial images connected to her wishes, fears, and transference story. The case of Ms. C. illustrates how changes in imagery of space and sense of time can undergo transformation.


I present descriptions of four dreams, my own musings, and images found on the Internet to help convey the feel and meaning of space and time. I preface the discussion of her dreams with Salvadore Dali who painted images of clocks defying expectations. They drape over tables and appear both solid and fluid like liquid.


In the images dreamt by Ms. C. you will see how her internal space/time clock gained movement.                                                                                                                 [continue]