Disparate Views of Time & Space

In this exhibit, Batya R. Monder has curated several narratives that deal with time and space in disparate ways.


Robert Wallerstein‘s personal obituary of Calvin Settlage marks the passing of a dear friend and colleague. click here


Calvin Settlage‘s unpublished notes sent to us by his daughter Sally Settlage provide some of his thoughts about aging. click here


Thomas Ogden‘s concept, “the analytic third,” is described in the author’s own words taken, at his suggestion, from the opening pages of Subjects of Analysis. click here


Inner genital space in men, which we saw as a counterbalance to Goodman’s discussion of her female patient (see Dreams & Space), is a subject that Gerald Fogel explicates in his 1998 paper. We have selected quotes from that paper to show you how Fogel thinks about inner genital space in men and the importance of this concept in understanding masculine maturity. click here