Coming Soon

We have plans for future galleries on the topics of Pregnancy, Dogs in Psychoanalysis, Listening to Music: Jazz in the mind, The Perpetrator’s Mind, and a celebration of the book “Soul Murder” by Leonard Shengold.


Paula Ellman and Nancy Goodman will organize a gallery on the fullness of fantasies about Pregnancy with Rosemary Balsam who has written extensively on this topic and with Megan Poe who will write about working analytically while pregnant with twins.


Our Dog Gallery is named “Winnie’s Gallery” in honor of WINNIE who lives with Arnie Richards and Arlene Kramer Richards and their patients in their offices.


Jane Hall will take us into the world of jazz with narrative and music performances by Jim Hall and others.


Batya Monder and Elizabeth Reese will open us to vicissitudes of “Soul Murder”.


Marilyn Meyers is thinking of ways to symbolize the unsymbolizeable–the deadness of the perpetrator.


We are eager to plan galleries on topics you suggest and in which you would like to participate. Do you have an idea for a gallery or a film you think has particular psychoanalytic import? Is there a book whose anniversary you want us to recognize? We need your input for ideas and your participation. Please email Nancy R. Goodman.


We plan to remain innovative with you in order to demonstrate the continued and growing relevance of psychoanalytic thinking. We want to keep our eyes on the riches of the unconscious, trauma and atrocity in the world and in individuals, and creativity.