by Jane Hall



As you can see, my JJ is an avid reader. But because he comes with me to work everyday, lies quietly and is a perfect gentleman, you can see in the first picture that at night he gets to choose between reading, telephoning his friends, or TV.




He loved The Possible Profession but sometimes prefers learning about elephants.





Behavior shown here indicates that he too wants to be analyzed on the couch (exhibitionism??) and he clearly has a shoe fetish










and, well, he’s just too perfectly adorable. 

My patients enjoy his presence – and once in a while he jumps up on the couch. We (the patient and I) do not know why – but have learned to just let it be. He has a soothing effect on everyone – including me!

JJ was rescued – found wandering the streets of Queens. Some good samaritan brought him to a shelter and I was the fortunate beneficiary. His trauma and rescue makes him particularly attuned to patients. He exudes empathy.